New Hospital for Iowa Falls!

Posted: 6/18/2012


Jeff and Deb Hansen pledge $1.5 million

Thanks to the generosity of Jeff and Deb Hansen, the community of Iowa Falls can move forward on the construction of a new, state-of-the-art hospital.

In early February, the Hansen’s first announced the $1.5 million hospital donation to Iowa Falls-area employees and then worked with hospital leadership to share the news with members of the local community.

The announcement to employees resulted in thundering applause as the effort to raise money for the much-needed hospital was falling short of the amount needed to move forward on the project.

“I’ve been with Iowa Select Farms for 17 years and know that the Hansen’s are always ready to lend a helping hand. This makes me very proud to be an Iowa Select Farms employee and proud of all that the Hansen Family has done for this community,” said Gary Albrecht, Manager of Sow 11 and resident of Iowa Falls. “We’ve personally donated to the hospital because we feel it’s very important to Iowa Falls and the surrounding communities.”

The new hospital facility will be built on south edge of the Iowa Falls, just south of Wal-Mart and in close proximity to the home office. A ground-breaking ceremony is tentatively scheduled for early June.

“We’ve been able to build and grow Iowa Select Farms and New Modern Concepts thanks to the hard-working people and the strength and quality of the Iowa Falls community,” says Jeff Hansen, CEO of Iowa Select Farms. “For this reason, we want to give back in a meaningful way, especially to projects such as this which will help provide high-quality health care to all residents of the community and surrounding area. This new state-of-the-art medical facility can also help attract new businesses and residents to our community.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Jeff and Deb Hansen and their family,” says Ellsworth Municipal Hospital CEO, Cherelle Montanye. “Their incredibly generous gift put us above and beyond our fund-raising goal. It’s an honor to have the Hansen family name tied to this project, which will support high-quality healthcare in Hardin County for generations to come.”

The new, state-of-the-art facility located on the south edge of Iowa Falls will honor the Hansen family name 

Employees who live in and around the Iowa Falls area were the first to hear the news of the $1.5 million donation. Before announcing the news, Mr. Hansen too the time to reflect on the earlier years of New Modern Concepts and Iowa Select Farms, sharing stories of how the Iowa Falls community stepped up to help make his businesses successful.

(shot of the audience)
Nearly 150 employees assembled at the Highland Country Club in Iowa Falls to hear the special announcement from the Hansen family.